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Infant & Child Abduction Plan 
To identify and outline the hospital's response to an infant abduction

To respond quickly to the danger of a possible abduction


Once abduction has occurred:
1. Pick up phone, dial 63, and state code pink and give your location

2. Notify police immediately.  If abduction occurs after hours administrator on call must be notified

3. Hospital personnel will respond immediately by securing exits in their immediate area and remaining on guard at door until code pink all clear is call. Exit coverage will be as follows during business hours:

Front Lobby Door Business Office Personnel
South Side Door Data Processing Staff
Physical Therapy PT Staff
East Side @ PT Desk PT Staff
Registration Desk Registration Desk Staff
After School Program Registration Desk Staff
ER Exit ER Staff
East Side @ Home Health Home Health Staff
North Side @ Lab Lab Staff
North Side @ Administration Administration Staff
Loading Dock Kitchen Staff
North Exit @ Administration Hall Administration Staff
Basement Laundry Staff

After house exit coverage will be the responsibility of Security and Nursing Staff.

4. Hospital administrators and department managers will report to location of abduction.

a. All reporting personnel will begin a thorough search of the hospital building.
b. A nurse will stay with the infant's parents.
c. One nurse will stay in the nursery.

5. All employees need to be alert for anyone with an infant and report immediately to the appropriate personnel.

6. Upon arrival of police, a continued search will be coordinated with assistance from hospital personnel as needed.